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   Who We Are 




George Jeffreys founded Elim in 1915, in Monaghan, Ireland, and since then the movement has grown to over 550 in the UK and Ireland, and over 9,000 worldwide. Elim grew rapidly thanks to a move of God characterized by miraculous healings and an explosion in the number of people becoming Christians. Built upon the understanding of the ‘foursquare gospel,’ in which Jesus is declared to be:


there is only one way for people to be saved
(John 14:6)


That healing is still available for people today
(Luke 4:16-30)


 That it is Jesus who baptizes in the Spirit
(Acts 1:5-8)


That Jesus will return to rule and reign forever
(John 14:1-3)

 Elim is also in cooperative fellowship with thousands of Pentecostal churches around the world and has missions work in over 40 countries.
The governing body of Elim is the annual conference. Over 2,000 people gather for a week of worship, teaching, and fellowship, and time is set aside for ministers and delegates to discuss matters relating to Elim.
It is our belief that The Elim Movement has a significant part to play in the world today, and we are confidently looking forward to what God will do in the future.

Elim Fountain of Hope Church is a member of the Elim Pentecostal Church, an evergrowing movement of Christians in the UK and Ireland.
Elim Fountain of Hope is located in the Greenacres area of Oldham Town, which is in Greater Manchester, UK.
We are a Pentecostal church with an Apostolic mandate. We believe that the church is made up of governing believers who have been identified, equipped, empowered, and sent out to influence their cities. The five stages of the apostolic:- enter, pioneer, build, voice, and govern is at the core of our ministry.
We seek to see the Five-fold ministry of the church active and functional in the church.

Elim Foursquare Pentecostal Church, Oldham, as it was then called was planted over 45 years ago out of a crusade conducted by the Regional Evangelism Team.

By the time I took over the Elim Foursquare Pentecostal Church, it was then called, the church was located in a small building on Henshaw St. until 2006 when we purchased our current magnificent building. It was indeed a leap of faith with only 20 members including children. Thanks to the support of the National Leadership Team who trusted and believed in me.

This decision changed the ministry of Elim in Oldham for good as great doors of opportunity were opened for us to reach out to our community, Oldham & Saddleworth, working with the Oldham council and other service providers like the police and community hubs.
With the ample space and fantastic facility, we were able to start Youth Clubs and homework Clubs for the children in the community. The community youths and children were mobilised for various services in the community, like cleaning up the streets, gardening, and flower potting for the elderly in the community.

The effect of this outreach was felt in the community to the extent that Oldham Chronicle carried it as news that due to the activities of the church with the young people, the crime rate in the community went down by 70%.

We are a community church who are not only offering salvation for the afterlife but hope for the physical and emotional needs of the people. Matthew 25 v 31-41 presents us with a guide for benevolence and care. It is our Christian duty to care for the needy amongst us.

Over the years we have continued to run a foodbank and a charity shop. We also provide a Saturday morning Free full English breakfast in the community and for the homeless.
We are part of ACTS435 ministry. An organization that provides help to the needy and struggling families in communities across the nation. The needs met range from school uniforms for children, beds and mattresses, and different kinds of general household needs.

We have over the years continued to see families touched and lives transformed through the various ministries of Fountain of Hope Church.
As a church with an Apostolic mandate, we desire to see every member equipped to discover and function to fulfill their God-given mandate.

Hence our mission statement: – “Raising Champions, Impacting the Community”