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Sep 9, 2023

Jesus Christ is widely regarded as a perfect example of everything good and perfect, from his childhood to when he ascended. As his disciples, there are many lessons we can learn from his life and teachings. In this post, we will explore seven key lessons that the life of Christ teaches us. These lessons include obedience to authority, the importance of witnessing, loving sinners, humility, forgiveness, practicing what we preach, and being peaceful without violence. Let’s dive in and explore these lessons in more detail.

Here are 7 lessons the life of Christ teaches us as his disciple:

  • Obedience to authority
    Young Jesus was doing his father’s business; he must have been so zealous that he forgot about his earthly parents. When Mary and Joseph returned to search for him. They saw in the temple, although what he was doing was right, he was still obedient to abandon that assignment and follow his parents’ home. Obedience is a habit we must all learn as Jesus disciples.
  • Witnessing is a must
    As believers we have the responsibility to witness the gospel in practical ways wherever we find ourselves, however, some belivers struggle to share the gospel with others. We must overcome this struggle by understanding that irrespective of what we do or what our profession is, our core mission is to share our faith in our words and our actions just like Jesus did.
  • Loving sinners
    Jesus in his ministry stated that he was on earth for the lost sheep of Israel. Jesus was focused on this purpose. He ate with sinners. The self-righteous Pharisees condemned him for this, but by his association with them they were able to come to God. We can learn from this that his association with sinners was mainly for the purpose of the gospel. He ate with them He didn’t commit sin with them! We do not have any reason to condemn or hate those who haven’t seen the light yet.
  • Being humble
    Jesus was humble (John 13:1-17)
    We saw in this scripture that Jesus was washing His disciple’s feet. This was a total opposite of how people concurred to leadership to be. This action shows his humility and teaches us that the way to lead is to serve.
  • Forgiving (Matthew. 6:14-15)
    The life of Jesus teaches us that we have the power to forgive our offenders. Jesus was willing to forgive those who offended him. The sure way for us to be forgiven is to forgive others and Jesus’ life demonstrated this in various instances.
  • Practicing what we preach
    Jesus was not just a preacher or a talker, he was also a doer of what he preached in (Luke 18:1) who taught us to always pray and not faint. All through his life on earth no recording in various scriptures he was seen praying to his father in Matthew 6, Jesus taught us forgiveness as an essential part of the Lord’s prayers. When he was crucified one of the few words he said was a plea to his father to forgive those who harmed him.
  • Being peaceful and without violence (Luke 9:55)
    During Jesus’ arrest we saw Peter, trying to intervene violently so as to rescue him. Peter was rebuked. Jesus taught that God’s kingdom does not respond in earthly violence but with God’s grace. Physical violence is not the way of God and Jesus Christ proved that to us.

In conclusion, the life of Jesus Christ offers us valuable lessons that we can apply in our daily lives as his disciples. Through his teachings and actions, we learn the importance of obedience, witnessing, love, humility, forgiveness, practicing what we preach, and peacefulness. By following these lessons, we can grow spiritually and become better individuals who positively impact those around us. May we continually strive to live according to Christ’s example and teachings, and may we be empowered to make a difference in the world.

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